Top Five Digital Tools Must Buy Civil Engineers

Hello, Every Civil Engineers Welcome To My Blog. Today I Will Inform You Some Digital Devices For Used In Our Civil Engineering  Field. 

This Is Very Valuable and Make Our Works to Simplify.

Line Laser Level Measure Beam

Line Laser Level Measure Tool Is Produced By Bouch -click here to buy-

Technology Improving Every Day Very Fast This Equipment Is Simplified Some Jobs.

Bouch Laser Line Laser Used For Exterior and Interior Horizontal Leveling  And Vertical Alignment.

It Is Used In All Job site Conditions.

It Gives 360 degree Laser Plane Also 90 Degree Angles.

This Laser Extended In All Light Conditions Up To 15 Meters.

It Also Used Slope Works

It Can Be Used To Following Purposes

1.Laying Tiles In Wall In Any Location With Exact Right Angles Without Using Of Any Other Devices.

2.Laying Cupboards And Shelves.

3.Laying Floor Skirting With Good Alignment.

4.Instilling Electrical Sockets.

5.Mounting Windows and Doors Frames.

6.Mounting Windows and Doors Frames.

7.Fixing Hand Rails In Staircase With Good Angle.

Laser Distance Measuring Meter (Leica Disto X3 Laser Distance Meter )

This Device Is Used To Measure The Distance between The Objects With The Help Of Laser Dot.
You Have To Measure From A Very Narrow Profile Notches, Corners.
You Can Also Measure the Diagonal.-click here to buy-

Laser Line Sprit Level

This Is Very Attractive Tool, It Can Be Used For Every One Like Engineers, Mason, carpenters  Etc.

This Tool Is Used To Check The Sprit Level Of Any Surface, Also For In Knight Time. It Has Inbuilt Led.-click here to buy-
This Device Also Have Inbuilt Of Measuring Tape And Horizontal As Well As Vertical Laser Lines
 For Accurate Measurement.

You Can Fix The Parallel Point Of Any Compared Surfaces With The Help Of Laser Line Points.

Digital Angle Finder

Digital Angle Finder Is Very Cheap And Efficient Tool.-click here to buy-

That Can Be Used To Set Angle Of Any Object Like You Can Mark The Line Of A Wall In Any Angle.

It Is Must Used For All Architects And Masons For Mark The Angle For Any Architect  Works.

Mini Bubble Sprit Level.

This Is The Very Small And Efficient Tool, It Can Be Carry With In Pocket Of All The Times
This Small Bubble Tube Is Used To Check The Surface Alignments, Door Alignment, Window Alignment -click here to buy-


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